Energy Pendant “Fifth Power”

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The energy pendant “Fifth Power” is a portable harmonizing biofield device. It is designed to restore balance in the biofield of a person. The information written in the micro-structure and external form of the product forms a bio-energetic field, which our ancestors called the “fifth power”.

Some benefits of the energy pendant “Fifth Power”:

  • It restores balance in the biofield of a person
  • It protects against electromagnetic radiation (like 5g, 4g, WiFi …)
  • It strengthens the body
  • It increases the resilience of the physical body and spirit
  • It adapts to the person’s needs
  • It helps in removing certain chronic problems

(Note: Made in EU. Currently ships only to EU countries. If you really want it and you live outside EU, please contact us.)

How Does It Work?

The “Fifth Power” pendant is a bio-field regulator.
Its field has enough power to disable the entropy emanating from 3G, 4G and 5G high-frequency base stations. It also prevents the influence of other disturbances arising from the geological peculiarities of the land.

It does not erase the electromagnetic signal, it only neutralizes its harmful effects. Otherwise these detrimental effects, called a scalar cloud, upset the balance in the energetic field.
The product’s energetic field is made to use the entropy of a scalar cloud for its own operation, thus adding to its strength. 


It Strengthens the Body

The portable energy generator “Fifth Power” is mostly used in areas with a lot of electromagnetic radiation, for example: when working in power plants, near power lines, high-frequency base stations, when driving, when doing something that requires a lot of power and concentration, as well as in the case of chronic illness. The product does not cure the disease, but instead strengthens the body, which eases the condition and improves general well-being.

It Can be Used Anytime

The pendant can be used constantly or only occasionally. The product moves us into the biofield of the “fifth power” after only a few hours or a few days, depending on the initial state of the human biofield. If we leave the energy field of the pendant, the established field of the fifth power will persist in our aura for several weeks afterwards. eventually fading away. We can restore it by using the pendant again.


It Adapts to You and Works Gradually

The pendant incorporates its power into the human aura gradually. It does not incorporate all the power in the beginning, but incorporates only as much as one can accept. The pendant adds strength slowly, but even that is sometimes too much, so one may become uncomfortable, having a temporary headache or pain arise in a certain part of the body. Later, when the increased strength in the body stabilizes, the unpleasant response disappears.

You Can Switch it Off

If the reaction is too distracting, the operation of the product can be switched off by putting it on the image (on the right). The image can easily be downloaded and printed out for such usage.
When the product is removed from the image, it starts working again. Each day we can wear it a little longer until the body gets used to the higher bioenergetic potential. 


It Helps in Removing Certain Chronic Problems

When we start wearing the pendant, unpleasant reactions may occur. This is because the product has great power, penetrating deep into the biofield.
Minor problems on individual parts of the body reveal that the body is weaker there. If the problems disappear over time, it means that the product has managed to eliminate them –  if this does not occur, they need to be treated with other methods.

How Can One Use the Pendant?

For the pendant to work properly, it does not have to be worn around the neck. Skin contact may trigger an allergic skin reaction. It is better to wear it on a garment. 

If you plan to wear the pendant around your neck, it is best to shorten the cord so that it goes tight over your head.

The product can also be used as a key ring or decorative accessory to clothing. It can also be carried in a purse.

The pendant works on a person when they find themselves in the presence of its energy field.


Properties of The Pendant

The pendant is made of stainless steel. 

The “Fifth Power” pendant works in a diameter of 37 meters. It weighs 22 grams, is 14 mm thick and 45 mm long. The diameter of the cord hole is 3 mm.

The operation of the product can only be switched off by placing it on the image of its field shown above. After removal from the image, the product returns to normal operation.
Its lifespan is unlimited. 

The product is patented and protected by the Patent Office.

Additional information

Weight22 g
Dimensions4.5 × 1.4 × 1.4 cm