Spiritual Energy Transmission


A spiritual energy transmission (also sometimes referred to as a spiritual energy healing or spiritual transmission) refers to the process of conveying subtle energies from one individual, usually enlightened master or guru, to another, for the purpose of promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Enlightened masters possesses great power and wisdom beyond human realm which allows them to transcend limitation of space and time to channel life force onto those seeking for healing regardless of their location. It is considered sacred due to its ability to connect us back to our true essence which has been buried under social constructs causing fragmentations in our mind and body leading to various health issues including depression, addiction and chronic pain etcetera.

Receiving high vibrational frequencies will raise our vibration gradually overtime and create inner shifts that eventually lead to transformations not only physically but also emotionally mentally and spiritually.

Receiving Energetic Spiritual Transmission Directly from Higher Source

A spiritual energy transmission can involve receiving healing energy directly from an enlightened source instead of passing it along person-to-person.

Receiving spiritual transmission directly from a Higher Source refers to experiencing an influx of sacred energy without intermediaries or external influences. It implies a connection between an individual and the ultimate source of existence, transcending human limitations and conditioning. This type of encounter is often described as profoundly transformative, offering insights into fundamental truths and potential for personal growth beyond ordinary means.

These transmissions can bring about profound changes within individuals at the energetic level, which can then translate into positive shifts in mental, emotional, and even physical states.

We see improvements in mood, outlook, relationships and overall sense of well-being.

Overcoming Egoistic Tendencies

Accessing the Higher Source involves overcoming egoistic tendencies, cultivating humility, developing inner stillness, and opening oneself to higher dimensions of consciousness. By doing so, individuals may become receptive to divine inspiration, guidance, or healing energies flowing directly from the source of creation.

Individuals Received Spiritual Energy Transmission

There have been numerous individuals throughout history who claimed to receive unmediated spiritual energy transmissions. These claims span across different cultures, belief systems, and historical periods, making it difficult to provide specific examples. Here are a few instances that represent diverse perspectives:

  • Enlightened Masters/Adepts – Many esoteric traditions, including Taoist internal alchemy, Sufi metaphysics, Kabbalah, and Indian yogic lineages, refer to spiritually advanced individuals capable of transferring potent spiritual energy to initiates via touch or proximity. Some adepts claim to have received unmediated energy transmissions from sources such as divine entities, celestial intelligences, or spiritual hierarchies. Examples include ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi (also known as Lao Tzu) and renowned Sikh Gurus Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
  • Mystics and Prophets – Certain mystics and prophets across multiple religions purportedly encountered divine manifestations or had visions resulting in unmediated energy transmissions. Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Rumi, and St. Teresa of Ávila are some prominent figures in this category. They asserted that their transformational experiences were due to direct revelatory interactions with the divine, leading to intense spiritual energies being imparted upon them.
  • Ordinary Individuals
  • Shamanic Practitioners

Shamanic Practitioners and Spiritual Transmission

Shamanic practitioners around the world have long been known to receive spiritual transmissions through various methods, including altered states of consciousness induced by drumming, chanting, plant medicine, and other means. These transmissions often come in the form of visions, messages, symbols, or direct knowledge from non-physical sources, such as spirits, guides, or the Earth itself.

For example, during a shamanic journey (a deliberately altered state of consciousness), a practitioner might communicate with a spirit guide or ancestor who imparts teachings or advice. Alternatively, a shaman might work with plant medicines like Ayahuasca or Psilocybin mushrooms to enter deeper realms of consciousness and receive spiritual transmissions from entities residing there.

These transmissions serve as important tools for healing, both individually and communally, and help shamans perform their roles as mediators between the material and spiritual realms. As the shaman integrates and shares these spiritual transmissions, they play a crucial role in fostering a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.