The Long and Winding Road


Our path is never as we imagine it to be, and it is also not what we think it will be

The road ahead is much longer than we realize.
We live in a culture of instant gratification, where many things are easily accessible with just a click. However, true happiness and self-realization are not so easily achieved. They cannot be attained instantly.

We have fallen much deeper than we realize or than we believe

New age movement has been “teaching” us that even Enlightenment is just a few steps away from us. Interestingly, a completely opposite what Cristanity or better Church was teaching as for centuries and many other religions as well, that Enlightenment, God, … source, has nothing to do with us at all. They have emphasized the notion that we are insignificant beings and that all we can do is pray. To some extent, they were correct in promoting prayer, but their teachings were not accurate at all.

When you dig deeper you can see that nether one nether another was correct.

Things Never Happen As We Picture Them

As one works on self-improvement, they slowly begin to realize that the road ahead becomes increasingly unclear the further we progress. The deeper we delve, the more we come to understand that less and less we know.
Unfortunately, even after experiencing numerous insights and visions, we still cling to the same beliefs and illusions that we held many years ago.

So what we believe is certainly not the case. And what we talk is not the case as well. Because our thoughts are product of our ego if not ego itself. Thoughts have always root in our history, they can never be in the moment. Only silent mind can be in the moment.

Often, we consider ourselves to be clever about everything, even when we have no idea what is actually happening.

The Egoless Realm is a State Without Thoughts

When you experience an insight, there are no thoughts involved – it is simply a moment of realization. Insights can be said to transcend thought. Insight is connected with the “heart” or better with our soul and there are not thoughts in such state. Even if there are thoughts present, they are not the same as the ones we are familiar with in our everyday lives.

In our usual state of being, which we consider to be normal, there is typically no connection between the heart, mind, and body.

New Earth – Are These Just Two Beautiful Words?

Today, many people talk about the concept of a ‘New Earth,’ but it’s unclear whether they truly understand what it means.

Often, I find that old patterns such as fear, mistrust, disbelief, envy, and others still dominate their thoughts and actions, even in those who consider themselves to be evolved.

What if phrase ‘new earth,’ which has become popular among ascension enthusiasts, is not just another trend or a set of two beautiful words. I wonder if people are just merely fascinated by the phrase.

Are we in much bigger shit that we are able to admit?

A Long and Winding Road

As the saying goes, it’s a long and winding road, much like the beautiful Beatles song. We yearn for freedom, but we don’t truly know what it means. We often think that ascension will come to us effortlessly and that we will simply reach it without having to do anything. However, this is likely not the case. Is ascension just another program that was intentionally created to mislead us. Or maybe not?
After all, Buddha did not attain enlightenment by simply sitting under a bodhi tree, and Jesus did not become enlightened by doing nothing.

The problem is that we don’t fully realize how deeply we have sunk. We don’t know what freedom is, we don’t even understand what our prison is. If we don’t know what the prison is, how can we ever get out of it? We tend to think that we are prisoners of big companies, old systems, and the like, and on the surface, it appears to be true. However, this is just the external appearance of things.

Our real imprisonment is inside us.

We’re Just Going Round in Circles

For thousands lives that we reincarnated, we are still stuck here. Some have made some small steps in whole these reincarnations, but they are still “imprisoned”. There are many gurus, even some very famous, which many people think how far are they from them, in sense of spiritual mastery, but in fact most of them are just a one step away from others and they are still far from freedom.
The world we are looking at is completely something else, what we think it is. Those gurus are teaching us as they know, but in fact they are imprisoned like we are.

How is that possible, that we don’t find the exit in all those incarnations? 
Do we really need God himself to incarnate, to show us the door?
And if in fact happens, would we believe him, after so many lives struggling?
Or we will just think this is just another imposter?

We can look what happened to Jesus. The Pharisees, those who thought that they were the most benevolent ones, those did not recognise him and they even betrayed him. Isn’t this interesting?
Can you see what power do our beliefs and illusions have? Even if we meet the God himself we think he is just another imposter.
We have a very clear picture of God and how it should be. Our picture is more clear and better than the God himself.

We close ourselves off from not only God but also the world and our own freedom by constantly nurturing our images and beliefs of the world. Because of our strong beliefs we can’t see the reality.

What if what’s happening with ascension is the same thing? And what if the new earth has always been here from the beginning of our time, but we just can’t see it, and what if it is something completely different from our imagination?

And there is also another possibility, out of many. What if we have just made it up the whole think, I mean the “New earth”, with hope of better home?